Santa Carbon Footprint

Santa’s Carbon Footprint

On a recent flight with Ryanair, I read with interest the article in the Ryanair Magazine about the efficiency of their fleet. Being in the Sustainability industry I was happy to see the airline I travel most with are leading the way in terms of fleet carbon efficiency, even if deep inside I believe that most members of the general public would see this to be driven by cost savings than any corporate responsibility strategy. Nevertheless, it got me [...]

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SGS Verification

Accuvio Awarded SGS International Verification

Accuvio’s leading Sustainability and ESG software has been awarded independent sustainability software verification from international inspecting and certification company SGS. Accuvio’s CEO Adrian Fleming stated: “We are proud of this achievement because of the high standards SGS have set, and we are particularly happy that on the foot of their experience of the Accuvio software, SGS and Accuvio are partnering to provide Software and Audit services to UK based companies.” Sustainability Software Verification In the Sustainability software market [...]

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Greenhouse Gas Report LSE

Mandatory Carbon Reporting Legislation Laid Before Parliament

On June 12th the government laid before parliament the redrafted Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions reporting legislation. The legislation which was first announced in June 2012 has now been formalised and released with detailed guidance on what and how to report. The legislation requires companies to report their Greenhouse Gas Emissions as part of their Annual Reports. It also provides for voluntary reporting by any organisation. The re-drafted regulations contained much long awaited clarity mainly around specifying exactly which listed companies are [...]

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