Live Demonstration of the Latest Accuvio Sustainability Reporting Software 2018/2019

As Sustainability reporting continues to evolve, and the demands on organisations to report more frequently to more people in an increasingly diverse manner grows also, Accuvio keeps innovating and evolving its software also. In this webinar, we will present the latest features as well as real live demonstration of common use cases where bad data, and difficult reporting is handled with ease by the Accuvio software.

  • Introduction and Welcome [10 mins]
  • Data Capture Challenges and how Accuvio is optimized to handle these data issues. [20 mins] Maeve Carey – Accuvio Solution Consultant
  • Streamlined Reporting – Demonstrating how easy, regular consistent and best practice reporting is with Accuvio. [15 mins] Nicole Mooney – Accuvio Business Development
  • New Features for 2018/2019 [5 mins]
  • Questions and Answers [10 mins]