DJSI RobeccoSam

Its similar in many respects to the CDP with arguably a greater focus on sector specific questions, and metrics.

The DJSI is a particularly tricky reporting framework as the timelines are quite short to complete the response, and as the questions are quite wide ranging they require input, review and approval from many parts of the organisation. The online submission portal is one of the faster ones to use, and so from that perspective is very good, but the layout of the questions themselves can confuse even the most experienced reporters among us.

Each year the DJSI is updated and changed to reflect changing reporting trends, evolving requirements of the investor community. However, the responding companies are not able to pre-view these question changes until the submission portal is opened.

The Accuvio DJSI software solution provides detailed numerical outputs which are required for a comprehensive DJSI response which is full audit-able. In addition the Accuvio Author module provides a streamlined solution whereby DJSI responses can be first delegated and assigned by section to colleagues around your organisation; then the responses can be reviewed and approved; and then can be submitted to the DJSI directly with a complete audit trail.

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