Accuvio Energy Auditor App Launched

Energy Audit App

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Accuvio Energy Auditor App Launched

Accuvio has officially launched the new Energy Auditor App at our London Information Seminar. The Accuvio Energy Auditor is an exceptionally easy to use tablet and smart phone app for conducting commercial energy inventory audit surveys, analysis, and reports. The app allows Energy Auditors to work alone on a single company or multiple companies. All data is automatically synchronised with our secure servers when connected to the internet.

The Accuvio Energy Auditor not only collates the Lighting, HVAC and Appliance (Small Power) energy inventory but it also calculates the theoretical/expected consumption of each zone, building and company and presents the results on a web portal where it can be downloaded to excel or pdf to a laptop or PC.The app was conceived in response to the UK’s ESOS (Energy Efficiency Opportunity Scheme) but can also be used for the Energy Efficiency Directive Article 8 compliance in any European country or as a productivity tool for any ISO 50001/50002 or EN 16247 Energy Audit. The app can be downloaded now from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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