What does Accuvio Software (Now Diligent ESG) do for Sustainability Reporting?

Improve Confidence

Assured calculations and expert advisers ensure all levels of your organisation have absolute confidence in report accuracy.

Improve Investor Sentiment

Accelerate your ESG Ranking among investors and reduce your Environmental Risk Rating through rapid and accurate survey responses.

Demonstrate Financial Grade Controls

“Would you expect your CFO to create annual accounts on excel?”  – Leading Institutional Investor

Unlock Hidden Value

Unlock the hidden shared value within your Aladdin’s cave of Sustainability Data and allow your Sustainability Strategy to flourish.

Auditable, Traceable, Verifiable

Independent verification doesn’t need to be a nervous experience. Enjoy quick, painless and sometimes remote verification.

Streamlined Data Collection

Increase the scope of reporting and reduce the burden on your colleagues at the same time.

Streamlined Reporting

“Gather Once, Reuse Many Times” – Centrally gather all your ESG and Sustainability information and produce the reports you need instantly

Increase Reporting Frequency

Can you imagine running a business by only looking at the Balance Sheet once a year? Then why do so many ask Sustainability teams to do so?

Key results on the impact of Diligent ESG include

  • 167% ROI and $301K NPV over three years
  • 50% cost reduction in auditing costs related to emissions reporting
  • 60-80% time savings when collecting, validating and sharing emissions data
  • 20-40% reduction in time for creating and filing emissions reports
  • Improvement of investor trust and marketplace reputation through improved quality and consistency in reporting, aggregation and collection of ESG data

Who We Are

We eat ESG Data for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As specialists in ESG reporting for over 14 years, Accuvio (Now Diligent ESG) has built up a wealth of experience which is encapsulated in our easy to use Financial Grade Sustainability and ESG Software. Our users are spread around the world, across multiple sectors, who all share a common set of challenges; increasing reporting demands, across an ever increasing number of frameworks, initiatives, and questionnaires, from an increasing number of stakeholders, all of which is under increasing scrutiny, and reduced resources…. Easy, right?